Welcome to Lembah Manah
Mbahman rent car is part of CV. Lembah Manah, one of land-transportation equipment service provider company that start its operations since January 1st, 2006.
MBAHMAN (abridge of Lembah Manah) rent car is present to meet the needs of private customers, private companies, and government agencies.
Our services is providing reliable transportation, transit hub, travelling services around Semarang or Central Java in particular and all of Java Island in general.
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Cars rental

We are a car-rental service provider with variety of new and well-maintained vehicles.
Our driver is very well trained, polite and knows all terrain around Semarang area and Central Java in general.
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Our services to provide transportation or shuttle service into airport (SRG or Ahmad Yani Airport) and Sea-port (Tanjung Mas sea port) in Semarang and surrounding areas.
Fitting and suitable for your transit and travelling needs.
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Stay in Semarang

We serve the needs of residential rental, boarding houses and guest houses (Wisma Ilyasa) for employees and families in Semarang.
Special price for those of you who are staying using our car rental service
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Machines Rental

We also service rental machines, generators, water pumps, welding equipments and others.
To pamper your tongue, look forward to our culinary offerings.
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